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Ghost True Albino Teacher (spore syringe)


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  1. The True Albino Teacher also known as the ghost is a ceramonenial grade psilocybin mushroom varierty. A rare phenotype that was isolated from a batch of golden teacher mushrooms, the true albino teacher appeared randomly in a monotub full of bright golden teachers. A squatty umbrella cap makes it appear like a ghost from pacman, hence the name the “ghost” . Dave wombat is a brilliant mycologist who spends most his time isolating unique varietys in the same family tree as this true albino teacher that was isolated after months of research. Dave presented it to the world in his facebook group ” The TAT Syndicate” and continues to share epic isolations with the community to this day.



Small, compact and dense fruits pin aggressively in bags and monotubs alike. Ghost are an excellent choice for microscopic research and also people who like to microdose high potency mushrooms.  Expect the standard time to colonize grain but longer than usual fruiting period (4+ weeks to fruit invitro all in one grow bags)




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