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Jedi Mind F*ck (spore print on foil)


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Jedi Mind F*ck PC Spore Syringe. When it comes to the origins of Jedi Mind Fuck Myco Joe and John Meddler are the two people that started this amazing variety. The Z strain was crossed with golden teacher and this is what yielded the Jedi Mind Fuck. Over the years. Myco Joe and the mushroom meddler would trade plates and cross spores via serial dilutions and eventually find new characteristics. The Jedi Mind Fuck became noted for its darker than usual caramel colored cap.

Jedi mind fuck can reach massive sizes and usually results in longer than expected fruiting time but worth the wait. Jedi Mind Fuck was named by Myco Joe and after his passing the community glorified its creator, the community has made a point to keep this variety relevant through new crosses like Leucistic Jedi Mind Fuck.

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