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Wavy Cap Mushrooms Spore Print


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The Wavy Cap, aka Cyanescen is commonly found in wood chips growing in temperate regions around the world. Fruiting typically occurs between late October and February for Northern California, and fruiting in other areas generally occurs in fall, when temperatures are between 10-18 °C (50-65 °F).


Wood lovers require a wood based substrate to form primordia. The higher carbon to nitrogen ratio found in wood chip substrate is responsible for these varietys higher potency. The higher the C:N ratio the more active is produced.


Psilocybe cyanescens (sometimes referred to as wavy caps or as the potent Psilocybe. The main compounds responsible for its psychedelic effects are psilocybin and psilocin. It belongs to the family Hymenogastraceae. A formal description of the species was published by Elsie Wakefield in 1946 in the Transactions of the British Mycological Society, based on a specimen she had recently collected at Kew Gardens.


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