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White Golden Teacher (spore print)

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The white golden teacher, also known previously as the Leucistic Golden Teacher is a classic Psilocybe Cubensis variety. A prolific and aggressive producer that grows fast under the microscope.  Leucistic means partial loss of pigmentation- for mushrooms it means they loss their gold cap color but still drops black/purplish spores. This is different than Albinos – total loss pigmentation in caps and spores (translucent spores – still able to see with a microscope)  Golden teacher has been so widely spread that over time the spores has generated these unique expressions.  The Leucistic appearance it’s caused by a reduction in multiple types of pigment, not just melanin. When using multi-spore syringes the potential for this phenotypic expression happens more often than you would imagine.

Very little is known about who is the first to create a white golden teacher hybrid. The truth is many golden teacher grown with multi spore syringes have opportunity to produce the white cap. Here is a few links from shroomery.org that will show how many people are actually getting this result on accident from spore syringes they purchase. If you search Leucistic teacher or white teachers on reddit you will find an endless list of images depicting the unique traits which baffle most people getting into mycology.


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Leucistic Golden Teacher
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