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What is the Enigma Mushroom a.k.a Tidal Wave 2

What is the Enigma Mushroom a.k.a Tidal Wave 2

Mutations occur in the mushroom cultivation space quite often. In this day
and age many growers encounter some odd ball shapes and sizes that come to fruition from repetitive cloning. None Might be as unique and purposeful as the Enigma Mushroom

Enigma Mushroom

In certain situations unfavorable  growing conditions from a build up of C02 or lack of oxygen can also cause  mutations. The genetics hitting the mycology scene in the past few years have  been all over the place let’s face it. Every single day we see new “strains” or “isolations” from another vendor or insta account, many of these random named varieties are mutated clones of a mushroom that was tissue cultured on an agar plate and renamed. Plain and simple, the majority of these will not be consistent  and should never be released in the first place. Then there was Enigma, also  known as Tidal Wave 2 or TW2. The infamous “coral blob” of magic mushrooms was created by an underground mushroom grower who goes by the name Doma Nunzio.

How did this happen? 

In Simple terms, Enigma was a cross of a  particular Penis Envy and B+ multi spore released by Magic Myco aka Doma Nunzio. The PE/B+ hybrid combination was first released for 5 bucks on his Facebook page for creative growers who wanted to be apart of the “PE hybrid” program. Every grower who had the chance to grow his “PE Hybrid” was finding the same mutation that  he established claiming to be the original  creators of the coral blob, which was the most  frustrating part.

Enigma Mushroom
Enigma Mushroom

The best part about the Psilocybin Cup winning strain Enigma, is the creator hid the results of the first blobbing mushroom fruit and considered it a screw up during the fusion process. Potency testing of the fruits yielded extremely high results, breaking the current record of any Cubensis Isolation  released and sky rocketed in demand.

“Tidal Wave” Doma’s specific B+ “with hats” isolations in combination with  Penis envy created this hybrid. The strain Tidal wave is known to shape shift in ways never seen before. The 2017 great American Eclipse is the official birthday of Enigma.

Where did the B+ and Penis envy genetics come from?

Rich G was the creator of Hawks eye, one of the original spore vendors in America. Rich was always intrigued by the mutations created from Tidal Wave and was partly responsible for the creation after learning his B+ “with hats isolation” and Penis Envy spores were used with years of trial and error to make this dream the reality it is today. The B+ variety that was noted for having hats simply meant the mushroom cap had a unique appearance that pointed up like a gnomes hat. Please note that taking any B+ and Penis envy variety will not create this tidal wave creation. The genetic materials within these specific isolations is crucial for the discovery.  

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